Published June 11, 2012 by boboschwizzle

Have you ever seen a huge obese person (it is not polite to say fat) walking in your local Mc Donalds?

I found something that most likely put the fat on their body

Yea that’s right Deep Fried Butter.That is just gross seeing a big woman pull out a stick of that out of her purse at Burger King.Really people?Butter is already fattening why did you have to deep fry it?I am also wondering how they deep fried it in the first place butter melts on a pan.

Ok this next one i really did try and it is amazing but crazy….

Bacon Wrapped hot dogs i cant say much about that but i know what i am getting at the next baseball game i go to.Alright if you love cupcakes you might want to turn away because….just…just look..

EEEWWW Burger Cupcakes!! how do they put on the sprinkles? Who thought of it? Is that person mentally challenged?Why isn’t there a bottom bun? Just so many questions….


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