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Published August 31, 2012 by boboschwizzle

Hi first time? If so please comment.If you aren’t new it’s ok PLEASE still comment.l get lonely no comments or feedback…But still i am not gonna ruin our fun it’s great to be

And as you may know WCUB tryouts are on tuesday.If you don’t go to courtland im sorry but watch channel eight just in case!



Published August 27, 2012 by boboschwizzle

:mrgreen:   :mrgreen:    :mrgreen:   :mrgreen:     guess who? Yea it’s me. School and home work has stopped me from blogging…But i wore perry the platypus today and that was kinda kool & i spelled hi & stuff with a calculator! Have fun u guys it isn’t summer… but still try ur best….

guess wha!!!!

Published August 20, 2012 by zimwaffles

guess what!!!!!!i’m on my blog now!come check it out! :mrgreen: click him!! I am also on this blog too!! Check it out too! Well i guess you already are but you still like it right? Of course you do.

Sorry forgot

Published August 18, 2012 by boboschwizzle

Hi! I missed you guys. I forgot to tell you that i was gonna be gone for a week one week ago.Yea i thought that there was gonna be webernet (internet and web :mrgreen: ). But there wasn’t so no blogging or youtube for 1 WHOLE FREAKIN’ WEEK! Or club penguin + poptropica. But reminder 2 days till’ Grand Opening of Some Stuff © 2012 ********************** Yea you STILL can’t know the link. yea thats the wordpress smilie.

Grand Opening Soon

Published August 10, 2012 by boboschwizzle

This may not sound soon. But on August 21st 2012 the grand opening will start at 5:00 middle eastern time. By then the blog will be AMAZING!!  So excited. But it’s under construction! So please don’t come. Yet. I am certain you will love it. If you don’t , stuff me in a camel and call me Golasto. I don’t mean to like myself to much but i love that blog already its actually amazing!i didn’t have to pay any money for it.I am so proud of it.