The story of the lorax

Published August 10, 2012 by boboschwizzle

A boy want to get a tree for a girl because she loves trees. He hears that the Onceler knows everything about what happened to the trees. He tells him he had a invention it was thneed. And it could be anything.

so he set off looking for something to make it with. A truffla tree! He chopped it down not noticing that he had summoned a mystical creature the Lorax the guardian of the forest he speaks for the trees. He told the Onceler to go and stop chopping down trees to make thneed. But the Onceler didn’t listen. He sold that thneed. And he kept chopping down Truffla trees to make more. The Lorax got more and more angry. Untill one day, all of the Truffla trees were gone. and so were the animals and the Lorax.The Onceler finished his story. He looked at the boy and said ”You can save them”. and said ”catch”. He caught a seed and planted it in the middle of town. Then truffla trees filled the land again. The Lorax returned along with the animals. Everyone lived happily ever after. The End.


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