Hi people #2

Published September 20, 2012 by boboschwizzle

Hi, guys and welcome to Hi #2!! Today I have no questions but I have a question from real life:
“Hey *****. How do you make a Duct Tape Bow?” Well I am gonna put u through this step by step:
You’re gonna need: at least one role of Duct Tape and a pair of scissors.
1.Get your role of Duct Tap and cut to desired length.
2.Do step one again so that you have one piece of Duct Tape bigger than the other.
3.Place them together sticky side up.
4.Fold it in half.
5.Fold it twice like and accordian.
6.Pinch it in the middle and get a small piece of Duct Tape about (………) That big in length.
7. Put around the place u were pinching and POW!!!! You have your bow.

Enjoy this life lesson.


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