Published April 7, 2013 by boboschwizzle

 It’s my birthday. 🙂

The thing is that it

‘s my birthday….



Eheheh i said butt!

Even  though today is a holiday i am blogging.



A pig came to my house yesterday.


Well i don’t think u noticed but this is in a

Hiarious code that

I thought of but didn’t make up. do u like

Liam from 1D? cuz i say

Eh or unh unh.




So I guess i

Owe u a srry for not telling u how to solve this, But i am

Really sure that ur

Riciously awesome brain can

Yell it to ya


4 u guys is what i am all about


The pig that came to my house the other day



Tall hat


Green day is a good band and i hope

U remembered that this is in code soooo…


So  that’s it.Bye!

(The code has nothing to do with what that says.Or what this little space down here that ur reading at this very moment says)


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