1. If you user name or comment is inappropriate i suggest that you refrain from commenting or if you already have i will delete it.
  2. If you would like a job on this site….i am sorry i am not looking for anyone to work for me.
  3. Please no cursing or cussing (whatever you call it) on this site.
  4. I would love to check out your blog but if there is anything inappropriate i suggest that you do not share it with me.
  5. If you have any suggestions for my site i would love to read it.But if you are rude like ”I hate your blog i think that you should have it like mine (some random link to a blog)” I would not be happy to see that.
  6. Please don’t put inappropriate links in your comment.
  7. Please don’t correct me.If i did something wrong in a blog post or reply to a comment i will notice it soon and won’t need anyone to tell me.
  8. As you are commenting please don’t be rude by using words like ”stupid,dumb,or retarded”and thinks like that.
  9. Please don’t say bad things about other blogs.
  10. If there is something really scary or gross please don’t share ANYTHING like it or it period.

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