The Young Love

The Young Love
Based on a true story by: Amber Durney
*Character names not part of true story*

A nice summer day a few years ago there was a happy 8 year old girl. She was taught  what love was a while ago so she had had a few boyfriends. Anyway, the little girls name was Sarah and she had not long ago found out that her best dude friend from kindergarden lived right up that street. So he started coming over every day. The boy’s name was Dylan. Sarah and Dylan ‘’played’’  everyday because they liked the trampoline but Sarah knew that deep down inside her there was a tingley feeling. A few months later they were in fourth grade and they were ,of course, a couple. Dylan wasn’t able to come over everyday but at least twice a week. They talked a lot about their lives, like how they got an A on their spelling test, their friends, gossip, ect. Then one day they decided that it was time they kissed and they never knew they would untill it happened. “Are you sure about this?’’ asked Sarah. “It was your idea so, uh, let’s do this’’ Dylan said. They leaned in and stalled a bit but just shut their eyes and they felt two tender lips against theirs. They leaned back and opened their eyes. The sweet, romantic stare was unforgettable. Then they started breathing again, and blinking. Dylan heard his mom call ’’ Dylan, time for dinner!’’. “Gotta go, bye.’’ ‘’Bye’’ she said. Sarah waited till he was at his house then she let out a huge sigh.

The next day, after school Dylan called and said he couldn’t come over so Sarah was stuck in the house. She decided to play on her favorite website. Before she knew it she was off her computer and in the year book. She looked at face to face and finally saw Dylan’s. She let out the same sigh from yesterday. A few months later it was Valentines Month, the month with Valentines day in it. Day after day Sarah waited with the gifts she had gotten for Dylan, a card, and some chocolate. She also had a poem, she had written it herself just for him. Valentines day finally came! After school around 5:30 , Dylan came over and knocked at the door. Sarah was eating dinner and got up to see who it was. She peeked around the corner and smiled. She ran down the stairs and slide through the door with her gifts. They grinned at each other. Dylan gave her a box full of fancy chocolate and a card. Sarah was just about to say thank you when he cleared his throat, he sang a verse of Sarah’s favorite song ’’What a wonderful world” by Lewis Armstrong. When he got to the part Roses bloom for me and you he brought a single rose from behind his back. She felt like she was gonna explode for blushing so much. She said thank you and gave him his gifts.

Sarah kept that rose untill late July. But a while before that they went out to dinner together and ordered chicken but to spicy. Anyway after that Sarah and her best friend Emma were talking and Emma said “Well I think we are too young and should start untill ,like , eight grade.” “Hm, maybe your right. I will think about that.” Sarah said. Later that day Dylan came over and Sarah started “Dylan I was talkin to Emma and she said we are to young for this and I believe her.” After a long conversation, and not to mention Dylan started crying, Dylan left and almost left his jacket.

And now , a few months later, Sarah is 10 and she changed her mind and wants Dylan back. Dylan started riding her bus and it has been a bit awkward. Dylan got the text from Sarah saying “Will you take me back?” Dylan replied with a simple “ I don’t know’’ and to this day Sarah longs for Dylan’s love once again.


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